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A mother-daughter duo that comes from a long line of artistic, creative and determined women who were never afraid to try a new project.  My mom, Sharon Walker, has been an avid artist, sewer, crafter and DIYer her whole life, and I am a working mom that has inherited her love of creating.  After years of helping others create their designs, and making the cutest mittens you ever did see, my mom was inspired by the newest addition to the Walker clan - her first grand baby, my daughter, Etta Rose.  
After failing to find footwear that wasn't brightly-colored, fuzzy, slippery or stiff for 5-month-old little Etta to stand and learn to crawl and walk in, I pitched the idea to make a soft, leather-soled, neutral-colored option, somewhere between a bootie and a shoe - "shoebies" as we like to call them.  My mom was up to the challenge and started making shoebies for Etta that fit my description perfectly.  Etta has had a pair of Minne Walker's on her feet ever since, and quickly became the most stylish baby on the block.  As more and more people started complimenting the cute designs and requesting booties for their own little ones, we decided to embark on the ever exciting journey of entrepreneurship!  With the help of our awesome, webmaster and professional photographer friend, Lisa Balzo, we hope to bring these cute and functional footwear styles to all the pre-walking and learning-to-walk little ones around.
Thank you for supporting us!
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