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why our customers LOVE Minne Walker!


Darling details!

Each pair is carefully designed with a cotton lining to compliment the exterior fabric and add a fun pop of color and character. The Etta collection is delicately embellished with lace or trim to make any outfit sweet and feminine. Basically, they are just so cute!


They are SO easy to put on!

The unique wrap design provides a wide opening to easily slip your little one's foot into, and the magnetic closure fastens in an instant - no more wrestling with snaps, buttons, buckles, or shoelaces while your squirmy tot is on the move!


The soft sole.

Minne Walkers are made with soft leather or suede soles that are light-weight and allow baby's feet to feel and grip the floor with her entire foot, almost as if she is barefoot. Experts say this is important for new walkers in order to develop strong ankles and flexible foot bones, leading to a solid foundation for the growth and development of the rest of the body, and may help baby learn to balance. Suede and leather are durable and naturally non-skidding, which reduces slipping and falling on smooth, hard surfaces. These materials are also comfortable, flexible, and, with regular wearing, they can mold and stretch to fit perfectly to baby's little feet, allowing her to wear them longer than stiff, hard-soled shoes.


They are environmentally friendly!

All of the Minne Walker products are made almost entirely with materials from gently-used, thrifted garments, such as leather or suede jackets, shirts, jeans, and like-new housewares, like bedsheets and cloth napkins. The genuine leather and suede soles are made from scraps and remnants from previous projects. These materials might otherwise eventually wind up in landfills. Not only does this support a healthier Earth, but it also means that our supply of each fabric is limited, so each style is unique with short-term availability - so you better get your favorites before they're gone!


They actually stay on!

Have you ever put a pair of socks or shoes on your baby and every time you turn around, one is missing? Or they are flopping around and hanging on by one little toe? Eventually you get tired of putting them back on every 5 seconds so you stuff them in the diaper bag, leaving your little one's toes cold and unprotected. This, my friends, is not a story you will have to tell when you dress baby in Minne Walkers! They were thoughtfully designed to make sure they stay put all day - whether baby is sitting, crawling, walking, sleeping, shopping, eating or playing.

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